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Family of 9 injured in Wisconsin car-buggy accident

Readers in La Crosse may have seen headlines about the recent rear-end accident involving a car and a buggy in Osseo, Wisconsin. The crash illustrates just how negligent driving can lead to serious injuries, especially when the injured parties aren't protected by the shell of an automobile.

An Amish family was riding in their buggy when a vehicle driven by a 19-year-old man approached from the rear. According to police, the young man failed to yield and collided with the back of the buggy.

In all, nine injured family members had to be transported to medical facilities for treatment. The 38-year-old mother and her seven children were eventually discharged from the hospital, but the 37-year-old father has yet to be sent home because he needs surgery for his leg injuries.

The accident happened on U.S. Highway 53 the night of May 3 near Whitehall.

According to a news report, this latest collision may be one in a series of bad driving decisions made by the young man who crashed into the buggy. His driving record also includes two speeding tickets and a conviction for failure to report a crash.

The injured family members had to spend time in Osseo's Mayo Clinic and in Tri-County Memorial Hospital, and their hospital bills are undoubtedly significant.

When accidents like this happen, it is important for the injured parties to be aware of their legal right to pursue compensation. Dealing with personal injury is difficult enough without the added burden of increased financial obligations.

Source: La Crosse Tribune, "Woman, children in car-buggy collision go home," May 6, 2013

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